Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skin, Hands, Nails, and Lashes

I have been working a bit in the evenings on my new painting.
I am admittedly rusty when it comes to blending, and it can be quite a challenge with so much skin O_O
But if you stand far away back it looks smooth imo :P
full view, more or less

close up enough to see the glitches and blotches, notice the huge streak of pink from me dropping the paint brush in surprise when richard started screaming at his computer -_-

mowgli, the cat, checking out the work area
Otherwise Ciwi wrangled me on facebook today about an art compilation to fight off art block. I swear art block is going around like the flu lately! I blame this horrible cold *nod*
I am sure itll be a super fun project though and keep my hand still a bit warm with digital art :P
Till then!


  1. feels like/looks like/reminds me of marilyn monroe on twitter.

  2. ooo what a compliment! shes awffuuullly perrdy :P
    well youll have to pose for my next bird girl then and prepared to be manipulated into something completely different as well ;)
    btw, i couldnt find you on twitter, whats your name on there??

  3. Keep working on it. I don't notice any flaws, I'm sure it's just your own critical eye fooling you :)
    It looks really great.

  4. thanks so much sofie!! i guess when you stare at a painting for hours flaws just seem to pop up everywhere :P but i am so glad you like it - hopefully show you the finished version soon :D

  5. You are of to a good start. The blending looks great!

  6. thanks marianne! its nearly completely now *excited*
    and thanks for posting such a great entry on your blog about the mousepad, i really appreciate it!!
    hope youre doing well! ^^