Saturday, November 26, 2011

Snow Dance: Red Crowned Crane

Wow! So its finally done ^^
This was quite a difficult project for me, I kept on running into issues and road blocks, and re doing and re doing things over and over again (gotta love acrylic paints!) till last night around midnight I finally signed it and said yes. I can be happy with this :D
"Snow Dance: Red Crowned Crane" acrylic painting on canvas 46 x 38 cm
And heres just a little close up of their faces...
feathery crane! colors are a bit strong here :P oops
I hope you all enjoy here! I look forward to finding a place to hang her in the house today :D
Thanks so much to Stephanie for letting me use her face as an inspiration - you worked so perfectly!!
And yes. I have a model for the next bird girl. Watch this space ^^


  1. Very beautiful picture! Very unusual and wonderful! :)

  2. Thanks so much! You have gorgeous work as well - Id love to follow you on your blog and see what you come up with :)