Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Bird Girl - New Face - New Setting

Well I was lucky enough to have my dear friend Ciwi offer to model for one of my bird girls. The moment I thought of her I knew just what bird I wanted to paint her with...however it did take me awhile to remember what the name of the bird was :P
A Pheasant!
When I lived in England I used to go for long drives through the southern countryside and now and again we would see the most beautiful birds go skirting across the hills.
I think they are really beautiful and would suit her so well.
I made a rather dark background first, I wanted it to be simple and ambient to go with the bright red of her hair and the beautiful patterns on the pheasants feathers.
Now the ugly part of the painting lol! I was just saying to my sister it feels like every new face I paint tries to test me, and I wind up having to beat the pretty into it :P
My paint brush and I dont always agree, but we get there eventually
After a few more hours of work I finally got to a place I was happy with and wanted to share with you ^^
I have alot of sorting out to do - some adjustments to her eyes and teeth etc...and the stop light red hair definitly draws a bit of attention right now lol :P
But I look forward to beating some more beauty into this painting hehe!
More time, more work and Ill be back soon ;)

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