Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Okay, I went Overboard. New Phone Cases done!

Now that things have settled and I have alot more time in the evenings to concentrate on art/my shop again I had a browse on Zazzle and was delighted to see they put in some new phone cases!

2 cases for Blackberry (Bold and Curve) and Samsung Galaxy! The Galaxy is on my wish list - so it is especially awesome for when I can get an actual phone plan *lol, i feel like such a teeny bopper*

So, I just took all of my old designs (I know, I am so boring, gimme time!) and created all of them. I guess I got a bit excited :P But anyway, a small sample, for ya on here, I will definitely take my day off work tomorrow to browse all the new thingd zazzle has put up!

Gotta love Zazzles case designs, the ones you can clip on you can buy in the store are just so damn ugly in my opinion. These have such a lovely wrapping technology to them.
Ah someday! Ill be getting that samsung case :P

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