Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bella Bella

I am awful at posting now and days.
Feels like things have taken such a bust turn, I got a job in Svedala and have been attending my Swedish lessons everyday for about a month.
But I was so happy to see today a friend on deviantart finished an art trade with me for my lovely OC Bellanoir - I was so chuffed! So i thought Id make a small show case of some of the Bella through the ages, and the artwork inspired by her!

my old original picture of bella while i was learning digital artwork, this was the first completed picture of her
a royal painting of her done by my dear friend Ciwiel as an art trade for me!!
an awesome blinky chibi made by the lovely Kleedoll on deviantart! Click on the pic to see it blink!!
my own chibi version of Bella, made for my artshop!
Bella goes traditional! Made by the sweet Reem Alfala on deviantart in color pencils!
the work in progress of my realistic Bella creation, now months after starting digital artwork and taking me months as I dont have as much time :( Soon done I hope!
I love this character so much so thanks to all who have drawn her and given her new life through your own styles and creativeness! So much fun to see her in all sorts of different proportions and light hehe

Hope everyones well and enjoying the cool fall weather :D


  1. Your latest work of her looks awesome, looking forward to seeing it finished!
    Must be fun to get gift art with so many different takes on your character. ^-^

    // -T.W-

  2. thanks t.w.!
    since ive had a long break from art, it was really nice to recieve the traditional art trade and go through my beloved character and see what shes inspired! :D thanks for the positive feedback hehe