Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sketches of a Looney Lady

the other i spent most of my evening doing something i dont do enough: free sketching. however long i want, about whatever i want, without much thought of anyone else but me and my emotions involved.
okay so they arent really pretty or stylish
but i thought i would post all the nonsense on here to inspire! a burst of odd ball sketching out of everyone else, because you know what? it feels good :P
 This was my last sketch, done on paper with pen. It holds some ugly, some unseen and one cool tree :P I as always wanted to put more into it but it was time for me to crash at this point :P
This was my first sketch of the night, fall out girl, because swedish words were meant to be tumbling out of her hair but i forgot i didnt have photoshop on my computer anymore and my own handwriting is a bit...messy especially digitally :P which you can see below. But yes, the point of the picture is about how ive been feelng since ive stopped swedish school and words just instantly start falling out of your head...
The most sparse and slightly wonky of them all. Cross hatching is not my thing digitally! But as you can tell I write down lyrics I am listening to, or just pieces of thought that need to be scribbled somewhere. This sketch, has alot of frustration in it actually. If you read behind the smiles, youll know what I mean.

Its been quite a short weekend that just flew by without much thought. I hope to do more sketch projects like these over the next week in the evening to help me get back into artwork again and get inspired through it :)
Hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. Thanks for letting us into your sketch book. I love your pen and ink work!

  2. aww thanks - i know its a bit out there but fun to share now n again :P hope youre doing well!