Thursday, September 1, 2011

thank yous, relaxation, and new items

phew well today is the first day i have been able to just relax. and not have to worry about anything.
i got sick a few days back but havent had a chance to recuperate at all with the house viewing, cleaning, shopping, appointments... today i am totally done. and tired.
but i have alot of great wonderful things that have been going on and im going to share them with you:

I have gotten a feature for my Zazzle Shop on Creative Artists Blog!

preview of the article on the page ^^
You can read the whole article and check out their great blog which supports artists here!:

Next this morning I woke up to some great cool news - My painting of Lucy I did for an art trade was featured on the Daily Inspiration pictures on Shadowness!

I am so over the moon about that, its my first picture feature on an art website - so thank you to JurgenDoe for picking it out!! You can see my picture featured and everyone elses for this day RIGHT HERE! and get your dose of "daily inspiration" ^^

Lastly this morning I was able to get to some more things on my actually shop page. There are now super cute sub category buttons, very useful for example of your browsing the Sticker and Buttons Category, or Mousepad and Sationary category when youd like a clear definition between the two.
new patterns and pictures for the sub cat buttons!
Zazzle is still placing all my items into those categories so be patient hehe. Also! I finally finished creating my Gretchen Stationary!!

Featuring some daisies, pink bows, and little yellow stars that can be seen very well in the preview image :P Hope you like them and let me know if you have any ideas for stationary YOUD like to see on my shop in the future!
Thats all from me for now! Im going to get back to my tissues, cup of tea, and "no extra responsibilities" day :P

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