Saturday, September 3, 2011

saturday means candy!!!

dharma and liam

 Another weekend with the kids, another weekend morning trip to Svaneholm Castle and Forest for a walk around the lake. It was grey and peaceful, the scouts were out grilling hot dogs and setting up tents and I was just happy mozing along with my camera..
view of Svaneholm from a look out along the path

I found some great grass growing by the water, its hard to tell in the photograph but it was a really shiney purple, with just a hint of red. I thought itd make a great reference material for a painting sometime and tried to take alot of photos for when im feeling brave
enough :P ^^

And in other news! I am trying to work on my fire aedhen picture but its turning into a crazy odd mess. I dont even want to show it to you now!! Sigh.
What I need is some cheese doodles, my saturday candy and a nice happy movie (is there such a thing anymore)
Have a great weekend ^^


  1. ah! love the grass & photos of kids :)
    Sounds like a great Saturday!

  2. thanks moogs ^^ hope youve had a nice weekend <3