Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Winner of the Discover Y.O.U ecourse!! YAY!

Good Morning All!
I have some exciting news!! A few days back I entered Traci Bautista's 10 year anniversary contest to win her Discover Y.O.U creative business e-course - I thought it sounded like the perfect opportunity for me as I have been discussing with the job center about opening my own art business, I have been working on my shop, products designs...but how do I get them noticed? Wheres the proper steps to making it a profitable business?
I wrote my story to her, explained what it would mean to me and yesterday morning I found out that I WON!!

traci's beautiful and creative artwork

traci herself!

Heres a small description of the e-course from her journal:

Discovering YOU creative business e-course 
are you looking to start your creative business?
or for new ways to promote or sell your art?
do you want to know more about how to get your artwork published?
do you want to teach your art or craft?
is one of your goals to write a craft book?
do you want to make money with your blog?
 you have FACEBOOK, Twitter, a blog, website, Pinterest, Tumblr, what do you do?
how do you build community?
All of these questions and much more about brainstorming, launching, building and marketing your creative business are reavealed in my Discovering Y.O.U. creative business e-course. This is a self study INSTANT DOWNLOAD e-course with over 240 pages in pdf workbooks and 20 videos that will inspire you to live your DREAMS and launch your creative business! You will also receive FREE entrance into the Discovering YOU forums to join artists from all over the world sharing in creative business discussions.
I have put my heart and soul into creating this inspirational workshop, it combines my experiences in marketing and launching my creative business from the last TEN years as an independent artist!

I am so excited and so grateful you have no idea!! I am thrilled to have this opportunity and will take it on full board - so lets see how my creative business grows from it! :D

Thank you again Traci!! *cheer*


  1. :O Congrats! That is just perfect!! :D
    And that you can fit it around the kids and everything is jsut even more perfect! :D

    Im so happy for you!! xxxx

  2. thanks sandra ^^ yup its all about fitting things in, but very soon liam will be off to swedish day care and i will have a window of wonderful space and freedom to concentrate on my lessons :D
    hope youre well! <3

  3. Congratulation on wining the course! I hope you will have a great time leaning about the art business!

  4. thanks marianne!! i am sure i will, as daunting as it can be... ill take this grand opportunity on full throttle and see where it takes me ^^