Monday, August 22, 2011

PlantieBee's Zazzle Shop Now Open!

I am very happy to announce I have made my Zazzle Shop LIVE this weekend ^^
After fussing over html and CSS and alot of Photoshop-ing - I have built up a nice base for my shop and its products :D!!
I currently have a range of buttons, stickers, iphone/ipad cases, and mousepads and stationary.
I am in the process of designing even more stationary and will be working on chibis for the rest of my characters: Heidi, Olga, Aedhen, and Bella for more products in the near future
Heres a small preview of things that are live now ^^:

Winter Guardian: iPhone 4 case

Mountain Girl Chibi Mousepad

BeeBee Stationary
Remember to check out the rest of the shop for more of my original design products and THANKS!! for supporting my artwork :D!


  1. :O That is soo cool :D I will check it all out! :D Hope you had a good weekend! :D

  2. hehe thanks sandra! ive been having alot of fun making designs - for example today i finished my Squeaky the cat design:
    which is now up as a mousepad but will also be on lots of other products
    Id love to have your feedback on the shop!
    Weekend with all the kids was great thanks! Hope you had a good one as well we'll need to catch up soon ^^ xxx

  3. Ah I love it :D
    The shop is amaazing, its great that you can finally get that up and running :D

    Hmm, could make covers for different types of phones, like.. HTC BB and all those :P Or.. bed sheets!

    We do need to catch up properly! There is so much going on right now :P xxxx

  4. hehe thanks sandra! im glad you like it ^^

    hm they zazzle only offers iphone cases, you can see a list of the products you can make on their homepage:

    yes! that sounds great ^^ throw me a note on fb soon and let me know all the ins and outs! :D