Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elves, Lolita, and Bothersome Eyes

Good morning folks! Last night I was so happy to complete my half of the art trade with Ciwi :)
I havent drawn elves, ears and all in ages, and well a man? I think Ive completed avoid for the best part of a decade, so please be kind to me :P
May I present her two blood elf characters, remade into my own not-so-wow-clothing fashion:
In this version I tried changing her eyes a bit... she had beautiful eyes, when they were really close up. from far away she looked drugged or something I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS.
Here was a close up of her face before I had to go some surgery on an already merged picture (you can imagine my happiness...)
Sigh oh well, I gave a few new things a shot this time around. Knowing that it would be a night scene I did try and make the base colors a bit more appropriate :
 I made the texture for the dress myself, but really didnt like using it as an overlay, it completely ruined it... which is a shame because it doesnt sit as nicely as it could on the dress with the shadows...but I think its still sweet and gives her a bit more detail which is good :P

Now! Dont Forget!! Sketchfest begins tomorrow!!
The 24 hour sketch-a-thon with artists all over the world begins at 12 pm alaskan time tomorrow, Friday the 19th of August ^^ For those in sweden thats 10 pm!! Check out the website and get involved :D!!

Despite the fact Ill have 3 kids here this weekend - I will put a much larger effort into prompts, chat, and detailed sketches this time so Ive got my focus back :P hehe.
See all of you there!! 


  1. ...3rd time trying to comment (??!!)

    congrats on delving into the world of male subjects! from the looks of it, you'll do just fine =)

    for the dress texture, what other options do you have other than the overlay technique?

  2. yeah people seem to have issues now and again commenting :P glad you got it worked out!!

    i did alright, itll take more practice...but no time soon as i dont have an urge to paint male portraits

    well - i have the basic layer types in photoshop to adjust how the layer appears. overlay or soft light is usually nice for me as it blend the pattern in well but since this was a nighttime scene and things were just didnt work at all -_- so i just used normal layer mode with a lowered opacity
    oh well!