Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sketchfest #17!

Yay for sketchfest! it is now officially over here - and as i promised myself i would do - I was alot more primed and ready! Incredible feat considering this was the first weekend all 3 kids were together for the first time in several months!
I came up with a few fun prompts which Ill share with you here, including a link to see what they inspired!:
Alot of great sketches made! Alot of fun to see the creativity people put into their drawings :D
These were the skecthes I made myself, with the prompt that inspired them:
Digital Sketch, Prompt: "Fairy Riding a Bumblebee"

Digital Sketch, Prompt: "Geisha Dream"

Pencil Sketch, Prompt: "Giant Falls in Love with a Fairy"

Pencil Sketch, Prompt: "Little Red Riding Hood"

Pencil Sketch, Prompt: "Gothic Baby Doll"

Digital Sketch, Prompt: " Elf Flying On the Back of a Crow, Beside a Witch On Her Broomstick"
I had a really great time, and am happy to say I got to include a few friends this time! My friend Ciwi (aka Johanna) joined in with me last night and did a few sketches, and my sister Alex joined in this evening for the last hour to give it a go!
Hopefully more Sketchfest regulars for next month!

Again, if youd like any information on Sketchfest check out its homepage HERE
and check out all the beautiful sketches submitted to the 17th edition!! :D


  1. I have missed out on a lot of your blog posts, so I didn't see this one until to day! I am in love with your giant;) I enjoyed the sketch fest, but we had a family party going on that weekend, so I only did one sketch, and I picked one of your key words:D It is so much fun to do stuff like that!

  2. haha thanks, the giant was a really cool first sketch of the evening ^^ i cant wait for it to come up again! *needs to check out their fb site*!
    ahh i see - well im so honored my prompt word was the one you chose to do out of all of them! it was an awesome picture! lets hope all of us have clear schedules for the next one ^^