Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kung Fu master Christina, and A New Project

I cant believe it. I just spent 20 minutes writing an entry and I accidently closed it.
So frustrating. -_-
Well I dont want to get into all of it again. So I am afraid today you wont have to hear me ramble on about personal stuff as much.

New Project!
Meet Aedhen! You all heard about Bellanoir, my old WoW character, now meet Richards old blood elf ^^ Yes, she was once a red headed mage long ago, now redefined by Richards pinpoint specifications into a work in progress art piece.

He has chosen a hair style similar to a game he used to love to play called Heavely Sword, a hakama for the Akido he used to practice, a katana for...unspecified japanese reasons. And a Desert Eagle handgun, because he wanted a sniper rifle for his special forces Ranger training he did in the army but it just didnt work out, so when all else fails! Bring in a giant israeli hand gun :P

You want to know the best part. I actually had to model for this pose. Again.
kung fu mastaaa
hhahah I had to share with you because a) it hurt so bad holding that for more than 5 seconds
b) i look hilarious
c) its for the art i swear

Anyhoo, thats all for now ^^ The background for thet picture will be a snowy forest fyi. I am almost thinking of making it prior to shadowing so I can make the lighting cohesive. We'll see.
Hope everyones had a good week so far!

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  1. Bella is that u ? (hope so) its me Cobal (ele shaman) plz contact me