Monday, August 8, 2011

Gift: Kelly + Anouk

Kelly on the left, Anouk on the right!
Hey all! Here is my gift for deviantart user KellyK-Chan who won my recent 50 watcher number draw ^^ At my 50 watcher mark I picked a random number using a generator to see which of my watchers would recieve a present from me :D
I am always very appreciative of all my watchers, comments, and their very loyal favs ^^
Kelly asked me to draw her and her sisters twin Hogwarts characters seen above!
All of it was made in Paint Tool Sai, and I put the background together in Photoshop and added a small filter :)
Here are some work in progress photos! I did alot of plastic surgery hehe
Kellys original drawing she gave me for reference
my goofy quick pencil sketch
pretty thick lineart!
base colors in - and i hated anouks face
so she had a mouth, nose and chin surgery...oh and eye surgery. it was alot.
and were back to the final product!
I hope you all like this cute picture, her characters are adorable!
I live streamed coloring and shading Kellys hair and a bit of her clothing if youd like to check out the video here!
Now, back to my rainy monday and my art trade with Ciwiel whos arriving in Malmö thursday :O! Yay ^^


  1. Thats is really cool! :D And the rain today has been horrible.. almost as bad as yesterday!

  2. it has been bad, for weeks really -_- according to cnn i saw this morning the storms are still rolling in...