Saturday, July 16, 2011

Backgrounds make me sad.

Alright - so my latest art project (im dishing them out lately) was to make my own original character Matilda, and her cat Squeaky...into a digital painting.
I had tried this before with horrific results :P No, I mean really - scary bizarre results.
But I think this time I did her a bit more justice. I love how alot of people cultivate their own OC - I wanted to do the same with one of my favorites.
I hope you all like her!
Matilda and Squeaky return!
As for the background well. Its no secret I hate backgrounds. They are frustrating, and alot of time boring. This was my first time painting a tree... theres always got to be a first time right?
For those who need reminding Matilda and Squeaky (her little cat) come from my chibi acrylic painting:
I just realized I forgot her freckles -_- shhhh

Hope youre all having a great weekend!!

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