Friday, July 1, 2011

Tajii- Contest!!

Alright! I finished my contest entry for Tajii's OC ^^ Phew, it was admittedly alot of work...but it was a great learning experience, especially considering this is only my 3rd complete digital piece lol.
Wish me luck!! Ill let you all know how I do, the contest doesnt end till the 31st so...itll be a wait :P
Here are all the work in progress photos I saved for everyone, and the final result!!
considering what it became, its a very simple sketch
line art complete, including crazy rainbow lines
basic colors...or what I thought would be :P
then i started adding stuff...
and shading work to do....
and wa-la! I am done! :P
I hope you all like it! :D
p.s this is her drawing of the original character for reference -


  1. Oh, the end result is impressive, looks like you spend lots n lots of time on it :) Very nice!

  2. hey sofie! yeah it did take me awhile - im still a major noob when it comes to digital art but im working at it :P
    hope youve been well and have a great weekend! (lets hope this rain goes away :O)