Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Sandra!

okay so im a week or so early, but i was happy to finish Sandra's birthday card last night ^^
I managed to save a few work in progress photos which Ill be happy share with you now and the finished result!!
Sandra -remind me to send the full sized unmarked version to you!!
you saw the sketch in an earlier post, heres the line art
basic colors go on...pre surgeries on her mouth
i tweeted this photo to sandra over my agony shading the hair lol
and after all this - THIS!
Heres the finished birthday card! I colored it all in Paint tool Sai, then moved it over into photoshop, for the stars on the stockings, shadow beneath her, and the birthday text ^^
Hope you all like it! I am pretty happy with the progress I am making with digital art - Ive had my wacom board now for nearly 3 months, and truly hated it during certain periods lol
But - I just need practice... and I am still working at it!
I am entering into a contest to draw a lovely lady named Tajii's original character which I am working on at the moment and am working alot faster thanks to all the practice Ive been doing the last week
More updates on that later
till then,


  1. OMG OMG OMG, I loove it :D It is so goorgeous! Love the outfit and everything :D Still think you should design clothes aswell..:P

    Thank you so much :D I definitely will remind you :D xx

  2. hehe i dont really know how that outfit would look like irl - but there may be a market somewhere :P japan ftw!

    im sooooo glad you like it :D
    ill be sending that to you in a tiff version i think - i have both the birthday card version, and without the text and sig in case you want it for other things
    happy birthday deary! :D:D