Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another contest, and an Art Trade!

Today I started on a new contest on deviantart - something a bit different. The artist Kinkei drew a pencil sketch and asked for fellow artist to color it in!
I thought itd be good fun so I went with it. There was the challenge that it was a pencil sketch... so I did all the line art myself since I couldnt correct the sketch well enough all on its own...
But - here it is complete! with WIP/original sketch pictures underneath :D
happy i got to reuse that rose i drew before!
original sketch by Kinkei
the line art i made from that
basic colors
and the shading done
In other news I am doing an art trade with my wonderful friend Ciwiel! The set up is to go like this: she draws the sketch, I make the line art, she colors it in, and I add any final touches ^^
I am super excited about it - I think itll be alot of fun!
She sent me the adorable initial sketch this morning:
awww ^^
Ill let you know how I get along! Until then, wish me luck in the new contest hehe :D

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