Monday, July 25, 2011

Sketchfest #16 and a weekend of frazzled minds

I was super lame for Sketchfest this month. We had the kids over for the weekend, and with the non stop rain and tight budget we were stuck inside the whole weekend. now you might think that works out better for Sketchfest! Wrong. 2 kids under 6 being inside for a whole weekend means alot of screaming, running, going crazy-ness.
So, I am really sorry, I only was able to complete 3 sketches (which is a wonder if you think about it! :P)

prompt was "Steampunk Sweetheart", my OC Bella again!

prompt "the tree we live in" - practicing that coloring technique for tree bark again

prompt "fluffy pink bunnies with lots of bows"...i think that was it :P
I also dont own a scanner remember so I know my picture quality is very lame -_- Though I am bummed I couldnt partcipate in the festivities much this month, I am very happy to know that its coming around next month as well and Ill definitely try and get involved alot more like I was last time.

In other news - thanks to those who voted on my Facebook page - I can determine Ill be digitally remaking Gretchen. Ill have to brainstorm ideas - and always love listening to yours if you have any input ^^
Also I am working on an art trade via deviantart. I have 2 actually which is kindve fun. Right now the persons characters Im working on are an angel and demon...Its very kitchy but itll be cute. Theyve specifically requested I draw it like my Trinity in Rainbows contest entry...Ill let you know! Here is the concept sketch - a bit shakey but oh well:
I always have a harder time drawing other peoples characters because I have to get everything just like their character is! and thats not the point.
Im almost done editing the line art - so next coloring and shading. No background for this one (thank goodness I say).
Thats all from me! Hope you all had a nice weekend ^^

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