Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gretchen minus Scabsy, plus lots of ribbons

I finished the line art for Gretchen today! This morning (or what felt like morning since I woke up so late) I posted the sketch I made with pencil on Facebook- since then Ive been working towards making this picture a reality ^^
Thank you to those who voted on which Mountain Girl I should be drawing next! I really appreciate the input!
Ive been doing some light studying for techniques digitally...Ive learned a few valuable lessons that I am really looking forward to trying out with this project!
I best take my time and learn because Richard has a pretty elaborate and epic picture planned out for his old WoW character Aedhen :P The theme of turning blood elves into anime girls continue!

More updates on this project soon ^^

base colors done as well :)
starting to take real nice shape!