Monday, July 4, 2011

A Revisit on a Past Project

Today I joined a few new groups on Deviantart - and decided to test submit an old painting into this one: AnimeFanGroup. The painting is called Blueberry Tree, and is the most popular of all my paintings I have up in my gallery.
I kindve laugh a little - that it is so popular. I made such a huge stink about painting is back in February or so. I simply didnt want to do it.
Back then I was just getting into painting - I had stopped for several years and had just painted a few anime pictures Richard picked out for me to do for our house. The original picture I painted it from was all olive green and I wasnt even sure I liked it to begin with!
I messed up all the sketchwork on the canvas - I hated her eyes - and was completely overwhelmed how to get that blue background on without ruining the figure.
And till this day I had no idea who the character in the painting was...I just painted the picture I saw and made it more my own with the flowers and colors I wanted...
Until today!
I resubmitted this painting into the group above and someone hit the nail on the head and I can now officially call it a fan art of Youmu from Touhou :D

Gotta love that sword :D
Anyway a special thanks to the very knowledgable Masatog for pointing this out to me - was nice to revisit an old favorite which hangs happily in the stairwell.
Anyone else have an old painting which you werent too happy about doing, but turned out to be one of your best? :)


  1. You are so good at creating manga art, I never tried the manga style, but you are an inspiration!

  2. wow what a wonderful comment coming from such a talented artist!! i am very thankful truly - and id love to see you create something manga style :P i think youd blow everyones socks off :D