Thursday, July 21, 2011

New OC, Steampunk-esque, and too much rain

While its yet again pouring down rain in this supposedly "hottest summer ever" in sweden - I went with a vision I had the other day for a new OC :)
Since all my Mountain girls are pretty light in alot of respects, theyre cute and sweet with their own Swiss alps twist to them... Richard (whom can be known as the other half of my brain sometimes :P) brought up a good point! I need a good dark character. He thought I should make someone like Gretchen the dark one, since she was meant to be a bit of a diva...but I had a hard time wrapping my finger around the concept.
So, I thought of a new character!
Influenced by the fine world of steampunk - I wanted to make the antogonist of my Mountain Girls, with the same old fashion flair, and mix it up a tad. Her name is Bella well - hehe, when I played World of Warcraft back in the day my blood elf's name was Bellanoir - and some people I know still call me that, and a certain lady named Ciwiel! who was my blood elf partner in crime told me once I should make Bella into a real character.
I put it off not knowing how to make an awesome Bellanoir persona. Until today! Welcome to character conept sketches:
oops! a coffee stain in the corner :P
yes. i got upset with one of her boots.
I kindve got excited trying to put an outfit on her, its a little all over the place crazy - but right now Ill just be focusing on making the upper picture as Ive done quite a few full body paintings lately--- and want to do something a bit closer up.
Ill keep you updated on her creation progress!!

Also! dont think Ive forgotten to remake the rest of the Mountain Girl Chibi's... I have a poll up on my Facebook page to see which of the remaining 3 to do next! So please help me out Id love your input! Check it out on: PlantieBees-Chibis :D
Its at a tie right now, would really like that to be broken :P
Have a good, but perhaps rainy, thursday ^^


  1. So you also have a dark past in World of Warcraft:D My name was Ranunkel I was an ugly orc woman:)

  2. hahah - thats awesome :P well dont know how a remake of ranunkel would look but thatd be pretty hilarious ^^ i wonder what server you were on?