Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BeeBee in the Mountains!

Well, I am finally done painting BeeBee, my next original character to be digitally created, today. There were a few nice challenges to this piece, but what I hope is that I did her justice :P

there is the completed version! even though her outfit is slightly different i tried to keep some of her staples the same - such as the striped top, pink tulips, bumble bees... all the things that make BeeBee, BeeBee ;)
For reference heres the original painting she came from:
And this time I did remember to save some WIP photos for everyone to see her through the stages ^^
sketch on paper, took me awhile to get that pose right!
then i made the line art using paint tool sai
sorting out the basic colors for the main figures
and after the shading, i started splotching on a background
and were back to the final again! mountain goats and all! :P
Im really happy I got to redo her properly, shes such a sweet character. Phew now I need a nice mental break, some mac n cheese I think!! And tomorrow Ill start considering what to do next :P
Hope you all like her :D

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