Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gretchen: Be Free

Gretchen Complete!
 So, today after a long stall I finished Gretchens picture ^^ I tried out a few new things. Forgot to try out a few other things (whoops). But overall I had alot of fun - I was really happy working on a much smaller scale and will most likely continue that for awhile. Here are is the  original painting

the original Gretchen from the acrylic painting line
Gretchen was a tough one for me - she made a perfectly fine chibi painting, I remember the day and the moment I thought of the concept for the acrylic painting - happily painting that teapot...
But making that into more of a young lady was a bit daunting. Big bushy green pig tails, had to become more of an art piece. Polka dot tights and blue lace socks had to become thigh highs, a garter belt, and blue high heels...
But what really made the picture for me were the ribbons.
When I was 14-15 years old I wrapped ribbons around my wrist and left them there. I showered with them, I swam with them, they became old and rotten but I refused to cut them away.
They are now in a cedar box downstairs, taking them off was like removing a piece of myself.
With all the stress of life thats been going on grandfather has been having multiple brain surgeries, the questions over my swedish visa, trying to sell the house, being away from Liam for so long... I remembered the feeling of taking off the ribbons, the release, the disconnect, the a breath of fresh air.
I wanted to have a picture that felt that way.
I wanted a picture that released those bonds, so I could be free too.
I hope you all enjoy it and have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. I love this one. Before I read the post I felt what you described. I also had bracelyes that I wouldn't take off. I have necklaces and even jeans. And this painting is beautiful in how it shows the feeling not of freedom but of release.

  2. i knew youd understand it my darling. i am thinking of you and hope youre having a nice vacation! i cant wait to speak to you again soon!! love love love <3

  3. Such a sad story... I hope everything will turn out OK in the end.
    Your artwork is beautiful and powerful...

  4. thanks t.w. ^^ i have a bit of faith that it will
    and thank you for your kind words about the picture, im really happy you like it :):)