Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This that, and another

my artwork has taken a bit of a loll since my last projects, i think its because its vacation time and the weather is starting to get better.
however!! my dear friend Sandra's birthday is coming up and i thought it would be nice to continue my lineart/digital practice and make her a wacomed chibi :P
its still a WIP- i was sorting out the line art yesterday which i am not done with yet (it takes forever so it seems!!) but i think once its starts into the coloring phases itll look very nice ^^
curly hair is daunting
today i technically have plenty of time to work on that - and the myriad of other ideas and projects running through my head. its another phase of lack of focus for me and i hope it comes back soon!
i still need to speak to the photographer about taking photos of the chibi acrylic paintings and having them printed for my etsy shop. once i am done with all of that and have a shop up and running i think i will relax a bit more and go with the flow of things.

if anyone reading this has any inspirational ideas theyd like to see my do - let me know!
i am very welcome to new thoughts and lines of work :D

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  1. Ahh, it's so adorable :D

    I wish I didn't work now.. Most of June its been horrible weather and the week I start work.. 30 degrees..! Bad bad weather :D

    I'm guessing your garden must be so happy right now! And just because I like being nosy, what was the coming up here, long story thing? That comment made me very curious! xx