Saturday, June 25, 2011

Midsummer, wacoming, and moments of calm

i wanted to try out a competition on deviantart, and thought id practice my line art digitally.
it is no secret that i hate line art - i am horrible at making it and i never cease to complain about my lack of talent there :P
i forgot to do alot here but i thought id share it with you as i think im at least making progress when it comes to cartoon paintings :P
the simple pose
you may recognize the character as my previous acrylic paintin, Chrissy the Fox ^^ I like to reuse characters if I can for practice like this - not only do I know how they look, but it also makes the character more personal to me
and here she is made up to promote my artwork hehe!
i really recommend opening up the pictures as they obviously look alot different up close (for better or for worse)
but thats what artist adventures ive been up to this Midsummer ^^
Hope you all have had a good one!!


  1. She's adorable, love those big shiny eyes and her eyelashes~ ^-^

  2. thanks so much! ^^ and thanks for taking the time to look at my blog - ill check yours out now :)