Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sticky sticky - heat comes to sweden

last night i went to bed as the sun was slowly rising in the sky, and woke up in a heat filled world - my favorite. i chugged down 2 cups of coffee and went with richard into the city.
i got a lovely surprise in my mailbox this morning however! i commissioned TheLittleFireFly on deviantart to do a digital chibi of my painting Matilda and Squeaky :P
She does chibi's for 5 u.s. dollars and i thought, why not!? i love seeing new styles - and it was the first time i had someone do a small commission for me ^^
she did a fantastic job and i absolutely love the way it turned out :D
look even squeaky the cats there!!

my original painting

So, after shopping, eating, spending time in Malmö and Lund - we are back home in this sticky swedish heat enjoying a lovely peaceful evening. I will be working on Sandra digital painting again - unfortuantly I am no where near as skilled as TheLittleFireFly and it takes me forever to do digital work but the progress so far isnt too shabby :P Done alot of plastic surgery, but I'll show more of that later:
shiney eyes!
so! back to work for me then yeah? :) have a great evening!

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