Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So, you wanna be a chibi

I am now back from a long weekend here in Sweden and can finally get back to business.
Last week there was a lovely response from my facebook crew about being made into a chibi.
I have some pretty cool interesting friends, a mix of everyone around the globe and thought I could now "Steal Personas" if you will.
But - just so everyone is clear on this project of mine I will make a post here about it.

About Becoming a Chibi:

~ Once given expressed interest in a chibi I will require you to "Like" my PlantieBee's Chibis page. That way you will be able to see updates on your project, be able to be tagged as the person in the painting, and also support the art ofc!
I will upload a concept sketch, works in progress etc... so stay tuned. Painting can be a slow process, you can always find out when your painting is next line but I cant gauruntee when itll be done.

~ The painting idea, concept, and result are all mine in ownership. Which means I own the original and can resell a print of the image at any time. The painting title will always have your name in it, and itll be your persona...but my artwork.
As the character in the painting I give you the first opportunity to buy the original which I will carefully ship to you. Or if you would prefer a print, that can always be arranged as well (and depending on your proximity to me, I can frame the print for you too)

~ Input is always always welcome! If I announce your painting to be next please by all means fill me in on you! I want these paintings to be as fun and interesting as possible so get to me early with your ideas!

If you think youd like to become a PlantieBee Chibi after reading all of the above please contact me here, (or on facebook if thats where we know each other best), or email me: cm.lank87@gmail.com

Thanks for all the support guys and I look forward to creating all the awesome chibi-yous!! :D


  1. I would loves to be a chibi, I do have an idea for theme :P Like a Sherlock Holmes thing, with the whole hat and magnifier. And following a trace, like foot prints or something like that.

    I had a great image of it in my head, but it's gone all blurry, if I get it back I will, send more details your way :P x

  2. If you're not too busy, I would like to be a chibi too!

    It would be awesome if she had curly, brown hair in low pig tails; brown eyes, with fox ears and a fox tail. =D

  3. ooo so nice! id love to make a foxy chibi!! any ideas of where youd like your fox to do placed? surroundings, background, colors, etc...?

  4. Hmmm. Anywhere is fine with me! Maybe by some tulips (those are my fav. flower). =D

  5. i would say yes...but i just finished BeeBee who happens to be in a field full of tulips...