Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my brain is melting! ouch

bah been working hard on that digital pregnancy photo today, again.
i am now at the stage i am waiting for the lady who kindly gave me the photo to have a looksee and give some directional feedback as its mostly down to taste from here on out.
but i will have to share it with you as of yet! and then rest my eyes for a bit on the couch...soon more cleaning will have to commence since we have guests over for the long weekend.
but right now CBA!
ah so simple it was once
hehe. fugly.
dont you love how things look pre blur tool?
had my little pallet of colors littered everywhere on the background
my favorite part is going mad on the hair
how it looked post coloring, and texture overlay
then a bit of color correction....
and a bit of a test-out phase of filters and what not
no that final picture is not the final product - it was merely me slapping a few things together to see what it may look like if i did this or that. but it gives an idea of what a filter would look like on the picture - and gave me a chance to try out some fonts.
oh well. we will see what she says in the end! sorry if all the pictures take forever to load
forgot to resize them O_O


  1. She is gorgeous! :D

    I must say I like the 2nd to last picture the most :P

    On another note.. trying to get my hair colour to come through on a picture.. is a bit difficult! Im gonna keep trying :P x

  2. thanks sandra! i like that one alot too ^^

    and as for your hair, photoshop ftw! just up the contrast

  3. I dont have photoshop :P I might get it.. will probably kill my computer.. but oh well! :P

  4. send the photo to me then ^^ ill help you out

  5. so cool to see your artistic process!

  6. thanks steph! i enjoy it too, someday i may even be brave enough to show a time lapse video well see ^^