Thursday, June 9, 2011

blueberry muffins and blue mug coffee

i am in a real lame mood this morning.
though ive put in some decent work into BeeBee the last few days, I havent done the real push I had done before like with Olga.
It was Richards birthday yesterday (!!) and we were out in Malmö for hours buying his birthday present :
ooo so menacing
The Skaven Plague Furnace, and some plague monks... then went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant while truck loads of Swedish Graduates went by all drunk in sailor hats blowing their whistles and cheering that yay! all my pre defined responsibility is over!
Good luck from here on out suckaaas! ^^
Then went back to Games Workshop to watch their Wednesday night Warhammer matches. It was the first time I had watched a game of tabletop ...warfare? And omg we were laughing so hard tears were in our eyes. It was hilarious.
But it was inspiring to get my little army done and have a go at it myself :P

However onto business, this is what is really on the agenda today. fixing this little lady up.
Once shes done, all the Mountain Chibis are done and certain problems that have been bugging me about reproduction prints, Etsy shops, and whatever else will have to be sorted.
I have a whole new style I am dying to try out OH AND SKETCHFEST TOMORROW!!
ill practice it then. well see. :P
Be prepared for my sketchy awesomeness soon!

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