Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sketchfest #15

so i finally have taken pictures of all of the sketches (needed to wait for some daylight for the last one)
it was my first sketchfest - and i had alot of fun!! i enjoyed reading all the prompts, seeing what sketches where inspired by the prompts i gave - and trying out all sorts of mediums along the way!
The prompts I have out were:
I ended up doing a total of 6 sketches and was surprised at what a slow worker I am :O It was really hard getting things to an "acceptable" standard by the time my hour was up :P But here are the sketches I did (sorry for the bad quality i dont own a scanner) with the name of the prompt underneath!
"Self Portrait - With a Twist!" look framiliar?
"Delivering a Love Letter" This sketch has been sold!
"Unicorn Queen" looks alot better in real life...
"Delicate Wings" my own prompt, my interpretation
"Black Cat" digital sketch - experimenting in Sai
"Fox with a Camera" my last frantic rush sketch before closing!
And there you have it! All my sketches from sketchfest. You can check out them all and have options to buy the original sketches to donate to the site here: Christina's Sketchy Page!
Cant wait till next month already ^^ And if youd like to participate be sure to register now and check out their Facebook page for updates!

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