Monday, June 13, 2011

Let the Babydoll Chibis Begin!

so today i started the concept sketch for Chrissy's fox/tulip chibi.
i will now post it on here, and on facebook awaiting approval. i did it with a rather...thick brush so ill try and be more delicate with the real painting but i think itll look very pretty in the end!
looks funny far away, open it up for full size.
trying not to sand it too hard :/
I went into town and had a nice long chat with Martin from martins color about canvases for this project. I wasnt too happy with the extreme graininess and texture of the cotton canvses I used for the mountain chibis. The other similar alternative is shown above: linen canvas.
stamped and everything!

They are ofc a bit more expensive but far smoother. I sandpapered it gently before covering it in gesso today so hopefully the texture will be far more subtle.
Look forward to painting on it and seeing the difference!
More updates on this project soon ^^

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