Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sketfest begins, and a painting is complete

Happy Saturday to you - one filled with sore itchy allergy eyes, a myriad of art materials, and well. kids screaming.
Yesterday I finished the last Mountain Girl Chibi...yes all 5 are now done and proudly lounging on my bookshelf in all their bright glory. I only took a few casual shots today, which Ill happily show you here ^^

Also!! Sketchfest began last night at about 10 pm my time (oye!) For those of you who have no clue as to what I am talking about basically Sketchfest happens once every month where a bunch of people all over the world sit around and sketch for 24 hours :P You use prompt words given by the sketchers to inspire youre own work and you have a max limit of an hour to do one sketch.
(that may be confusing, for more information check out their main page! Sketchfest Here!)

Its not over until tonight at 10 pm but we have the kids this weekend so getting sketches in can be a bit difficult.
I dont have a scanner so I took a photo of one of my favorites I did. The prompt was Delivering a Love Letter and I tested out my little babydoll chibi style ^^
no body sees me right...?
So thats that! Tonight, hopefully get some more sketches in after the kids are put to bed...maybe even some digital ones for fun. And next week finishing all the left over stuff I have been putting off! Have a nice weekend!

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  1. The colours on teh chibi really pops! Can't wait to see all the facebook friends chibis :D