Tuesday, May 31, 2011

why does everyone first comment on how pale i am?! i know already...

today after a long morning of setting up the basis and basic shading of my digital pregnancy photo for Vanessa, i headed into Malmö to meet susie for an impromtu picnic out in the courtyard by her flat!
it was super warm and sunny today and we sat about eating strawberries, mums-mums- and sipping fanta. it was sooo nice to see her, shes lovely,  i want to keep her in my pocket ^^
me, being goofy and permenantly wind blown

susie with the mums-mums!

swedish strawberries..mmmm...
after the lovely lounge gathering freckles and sunburns (at least on my part), we walked through the park to richards, and susies boyfriends stoffe's work at the stadium.
she went off to buy sims and richard surprised me with something else!
the epitomy of geekiness!

i be the high elf! richard the rat folk!
Warhammer! wahaha! Now this has got to be the geekiest venture ive attempted yet. What with my mmo playing, chibi art making, and what have you... soon ill be in the back of a workshop with a box of wine shouting thy enemies doom with a roll of a dice!
or i assume. im still not 100% clear on how it works
but the fun part is a) painting the mini characters seen above in detail
                             b) playing against richard in the evenings. i wanted to learn chess with him and now i get an even cooler version of it! magical and what have you!

Ill let you all know how i get along painting small 3d bits and bobs ^^
till then!
thanks again susie for a wonnnderful afternoon and see you all later!


  1. oh, you're so sweet! loved our spontaneous meet today ^^
    no sims, however... apparantly it will be released TOMORROW, so will have to hit the shops then :)

  2. oh no! well at least we got to have a lovely walk in the park beforehand ^^
    yes spontaneous meets should happen more often i do believe - it should be a lovely summer and well make the most of it!
    ill force feed you sushi, grill chorizos, convince everyone of fondue, and make sure to visit all the parks in malmö!
    (okay that last one might be a bit of an exaggeration, i know theres alot of them :O )
    hope youre well today and not getting to windblown xoxo

  3. Im sure it will be great fun taunting the fellas at the Games Workshop studio in Malmö. Mixed with our tag teaming skills, plenty of wine, and using techniques like in this video = WIN!!!! ;)


    *Note to self*: Do plenty of battling dance moves.

  4. ps. try to look chinese!

  5. i will do my best kind sir! how glorious we shall ride into battle in our saab... ill paint my eyes asian for you and it shall be wonderous ^^ <3

  6. Aw, don't worry. There's nothing wrong with being pale. According to one of my friends in Indonesia, their goal is to be as pale/light as possible (not tan! awesome huh?). So the lighter skinned you are, the better. Tis similar for girls in Japan and China.

    Strawberries! Nom!!

  7. i had no idea! that must be damn hard to be pale in indonesia... i remember even going to portugal people would look at me and start telling me to cover up they were so worried about me and my skin :P

    yes, strawberry season, wonderous :D