Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Foxy Chibi Progress!

okay so today, after i already painted the basic color background and added the sketch on yesterday, i began coloring in the main figure.
i am pretty happy with its progress as of yet! i am days and hours away from being done but the start gives me positive feelings towards what i imagine it to look like later on :)
why oh why do i always mess up on the eyebrows
ill need to redo her eyebrows, and a bit of her ear on the right side. i always dread adding in the eyebrows... a) i never get it right the first time
                   b) its a nightmare trying to fix on a real painting
but it must be done.
otherwise therell be a windmill, shell be surrounded by tulips, therell be a fence, a rabbit, so much to do and im not even done with the main figure yet!
the coffee will be flowing the rest of the week i am sure!
and the linen canvas...its different isnt it?
new texture..havent made up my mind about it yet.
more updates soon!


  1. OMG! That's so pretty! Love the shading on the tail and hair. The eyebrows looks fine to me. =D

  2. good cause it looks a hell of a lot better in real life... :P but! the more i look at it the more work that needs to be done, im so please youre happy with it so far :D

  3. The tail is so cute! Makes me want a tail though :P