Monday, May 30, 2011

i need an ice cold coke please. glass bottle kind.

ahh... who knew i had it in me. this morning all i had was a sad little canvas with a sketch on it.
and by this evening i was done and dusted with my 4th chibi girl - Olga!
A rather cheery little girl she is - and i came to appreciate yet again one of the few soft body acrylics i own. i really added some pow to my pow background with liquitex's medium magenta :O
gief me more!!!
why the hell does she look so crooked in this photo?!

no i didnt take an amazing photo whatsoever this evening with the tripod. i plan on doing that tomorrow morning (weather permitting) outside in natural daylight.
ill be posting that on deviantart and on my facebook page so check those out soon ^^
as always i hate how the colors turn out in photographs, no where near as nice as in real life but there you have it! Olga done! check out my "in the process photos" below:
za pow - in action

you see how unwilling i was to take photos in the ugly stages?

i was actually really worried about how that eye would turn out

And thats me for today! Happily off to watch Game of Thrones, as is Monday night tradition, and wish someone would drive me in my pj's to the gas station to get a bottle of cold coke *puppy dog eyes*
dont think thats going to happen hehe


  1. I must say I'm falling for these little girls!

    No picture of your hair though! :P Poke your man for the coke :P

  2. i need to straighten my hair -_- it gets all wavy and poofy if i dont and well. im not sharing that with the world!!

    i had this know how people loved that !i steal faces" compaign i did on facebook..but then i went away to england and got lazy and never finished all the requests i got...well to continue my line of chibis post mountain girls i could steal people off facebook and make chibi charactures (spelling??) of them...


  3. i was just lame and posted it on facebook too :P i shall get worldly answers on this question.
    while richard yells at me to finish my 5 other projects first before i do anything else lol

  4. My hair does that wavy and poofything to :P Hair should sort of adapt to the way you want it and magically goes that way after every shower!

    and love the thought as I posted on fb :P

    But its more fun to dive in to lots of things, so that when you run out of inspiration for one thing, you just do something you want to do :D x