Monday, May 9, 2011

skåne, alela diane, mornings

only a fraction of the tree, i cant fit it all in one picture

mowgli behaving himself

figuring out focus on the camera

the japanese cherry blossoms

a random discovery
we are back down south and the sun is making its way back into skurup. ive been playing around the camera in the garden this morning and relaxing. after the 5 hour drive home, late to bed after ramen noodles, and waking up before 6 am this morning i am really just enjoying a bit of nothingness while i still have the chance.
once i get the photos from skövde i will be putting them mainly on facebook, but ill share a few here, and hopefully will have updates on my BRS painting soon


  1. That is one big tree you've got there..!
    You should put a swing in it for the kids :D

    and that dress on my post is from Åhlens in Gothenburg, but they are a tad special and has like tons of brands and I cant remember which one this one was from.. Might have been Acne.. Im gonna have to find it and save up.. it was like 900 :P xx

  2. there is a swing on there :P 2 actually... liams favorite spot ;)

    900 kr for a spring dress huh - a sigh if only hehe
    at the moment my main fashion concern is cardigans!!! they wear out so fast and i have the oddest colors... h&m have some cute ones this year though
    havent spent much time in åhlens except looking at their make up in skövde ^^

  3. Mehs! I wrote a long comment here before and it didn't post :(

    It would be my fav spot to if I had a tree like that! Liam has good taste :D

    I know.. so pretty..
    Yes! Cardigans seem to be the piece of clothing that "breaks" most often, all of mine loves to get like little knots of fabrics all over them. There should be like a 6 pack of them to buy :P

    Yeah, the Åhlens in Skövde isnt very nice, nothing like the one in Gothenburg! You would love that one, they have EVERYTHING! :D Can walk around in there for hoours!