Thursday, May 5, 2011

and after a long delay...

i finally got back to work on my Black Rock Shooter painting yesterday!
i dont know why i took such a long break from it - i guess the second half of april was just mad with work, visits, holidays, liam, all of it.
but it felt really good getting some work on it done. I started on the checker floor (the one i had been dreading) instead of finishing the sky.
heres sortve what it looks like though my camera wasnt cooperating at all since theres no sun today so forgive the bad quality:

despite all of the extra work painting on a canvas brings about sometimes it just feels like a sigh of relief.
i know i complain at least to myself "oh my god... this wouldve been so much easier digitally"...which may be true for some people but for me in reality it isnt :P
i simply dont know the programs well enough to pull off finished projects on there. and so yes that floor that i did took me 4+ hours of work yesterday... 2 of those hours spent purely on blocking in the checker board colors... 2-3 hours on figuring out how to create that texture... but it was a realy learning process rather than simply using a texture overlay and a filter in photoshop.
its like Ed Beard told me...its the mistakes you make in real time painting that lead to the great finished produce. in digital art you can remove inaccuracies with a button rather than problem solving to figure out how to work around them and create art as its meant to be.

ill stick to that mantra and keep at it ^^
im really happy with how the floor is turning out - and once the blocks in the corner and the sky is done i think the whole picture will come together a bit better.
but now just for fun! i took some photos of my "workspace" :P i am going up to sk√∂vde TODAYin a few hours  as a change of plans - SANDRA IF YOURE AROUND TOMORROW!! LET ME KNOW ;) i will be there.
new stolen clever idea to keep my brushes wet! but still keep their shape

coffee cups, stay wet palette, and me on the webcam with richard :P

my space!
have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. It looks amazing! the floor is really funky and fits perfectly in that picture :D

    And IM HERE! Will text you later aswell, just need to get some credit. Which i dont really have to say here because Ill text you soon and proobably before you see this..!

    Anyway! Will talk to you sooon! x