Thursday, May 12, 2011

bat for lashes and peanut m&m's

now i didnt want to update the blog till i was finally DONE AND BURIED with dead master on canvas.
but i got complaints that i am too damn slow with updating and well...i guess i wouldnt hurt to show some snipets of what ive been up to
but i dont blame you if youre as sick of her sweet stupid face as i am!!!! ^^
added some chains in there with permenant marker and silver paint

added a few new colors to her eyes...subtley

proof of silver paint - shows up depending on the angle...
But other than that Ive been working on the dress, cleaning up the skin and hair, the green in the skulls eyes...once thats done IM DONE! ill probably paint the sides black just to get a better idea of how itll look once everythings complete and its onto the next one *phew*

Other than that I am a hockey-widow tonight  - god how depressing. I dont like sports. Dont like doing, participating, watching, or carousing with sports. And the last thing I want to do tonight is have to paint to the sound of swedish sports casters screaming at the germans...

But we gave Bagheera to Susie's mother in law today as a trial run to see if their house suits him better. Mowgli has been giving him grief since we moved into the new house and its really affected how we even function around here. So hopefully hell be happier in a quieter home as he is truly a gentle sweet calm cat :(...sad to see him go nonetheless.

A few of my favs from Skövde this weekend:
im surprised i didnt get wood chucks in my eye

leap of faith

im a ballerina i swear!!

i could really go for one of those right now

*nose bump*
Thank you to Henrik and Erika for having us over :):)
And we will definitly be seeing you soon and plenty this summer!
P.s. erika you suck you didnt remind me to do your nails :P

and i suck for not taking pictures of me and Sandra.....

okay time to get productive and stop writing a novel ^^

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