Tuesday, May 17, 2011

proviva juice, chibis, and lots of rain

since the creation of mitilda, and the subsequent idea for the Moutain Chibis - 5 swiss/bavarian-esque chibis which will be my muses I have been hard at work on number 2 - Gretchen.
Like alot of my grand ideas, i think of them while either falling asleep OR waking up.
I have been made fun of alot today for running around with the camera and writing down ideas with eyes that barely open and hair standing on end :P
here was the sketch I made of Gretchen:
Its turning out......difficulty, even though i loveee the sketch its been a bit odd turning it to canvas

I have a few photos to dump on here in the interest of the public!

Squeebers returned!! This time he wasnt as happy to see me :P

the "infamous" proviva juice
the other morning i flew into a rage because i found all of my proviva juice i had bought was drunken and thrown away. I got so upset about this fact that I couldnt speak about it for more than 5 minutes save Id pop a blood vessel.
But today, I got it back...
Im looking forward to an evening now of cider, movies, chips and that swedish dip stuff thats addictive
perhaps ill become the messiah of that next.......hrm


  1. He looks terrified! :O

    Aw I want cider.. and crisps/chips or chips/fries whatever you're having, I want both though :P

    And the sketch is just so.. awwhs!

  2. lol it was crisps/chips...that kind :P
    and theres a few ciders left in the fridge help yourself!

    and thanks for the comments on the sketch, im hoping once im done with all 5 i can maybe make a facebook page for them...Plantiebee's Chibis or something...hmmm

  3. YES you should! That is a great idea. Is easier to I dont know "advertise" on facebook I think :D

    They are just so adorable and have to be seen!