Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gretchen and Scabsy

It is done!
Number 2 out of 5 of the Mountain Girl Chibis has arrived:

As always i have issues taking photos properly, shes really adorable in real life too ^^
Im really happy with all the small bits and bobs of this character and makes me excited to get to work on the next one! a lively red head named Heidi!

Now I made a big boo boo on the side of my page trying to get my new Facebook page up on the side of my page. I kindve dumped in in what I thought would be an appropriate place in html
lol now I have no idea how to remove it :O
I cant find the code anyway *cry* and I forgot to put my website in there so its just like the demo
Anyway if youd like to support my Mountain Girl Chibis please like my new facebook at:
PlantieBee's Chibi's

And if anyone knows how to fix the side of my blog that'd be much appreciated ^^


  1. You should hire me to take all the pictures ;)

    Enjoy the film! :D

  2. lol - yes then theyd definitly be more of an "abstract" art huh :P

    yeah! the film was fun - gotta love vicious mermaids ^_^