Thursday, May 19, 2011

lederhosen, notebooks, grey skies

Today i have been an eyesore of lists, check lists, emails, contacts, web pages, so so much to do.
But one of the most important and vital of those was finishing the digital rough sketch of Heidi - the next Mountain girl Chibi.
I am still jabbering with Richard over the details but the basic bit of it will look like this:
see? excitable.
You gotta love my short cut, since I sketched this in Photoshop instead of researching the kind of butterfly I wanted, I just used a butterfly stamp brush :P and made my own temporary modifications.
I know its naughty, but it saves me a hell of alot of time in the concept stage, making the canvas stage smoother.

Richard was a sweetie and went to Martin's Color on this lunch break in Malmö and got me the canvases I needed, and 2 new brushes to replace the dysfunctional and destroyed teeny brushes I use for small/ish details. Yes thats right. I have been painting tiny flowers the size of a pen point....with a broken brush.

I will definitly be updating everyone on that progress - as well as all the research I need to do learning about reproductions, proper photos, and new shops etc....
Till then!


  1. thanks chrissy! hope the wedding planning is going well ^^

  2. Love seeing progress in art works! Looking forward to seeing the finished product for this one.

  3. thanks henry! so glad to see you on here :D
    and now i see you have a blog too! fantastic, ill follow you now -

    yeah the chibi paintings are really fun for me. i should be done with this one by saturday or sunday so well see how she turns out ^^

  4. Excellent! So cool to see that you've got a commission service up and running. Sometimes wish I'd done more with mine, haha.