Friday, May 20, 2011

"hang with the rats and smoke cigars"

ah a lovely busy day. took the train into malmö and had lunch with richard in lilla torg than walked around the shops on my own towards trianglen - where susie lives!

i just had to take a picture of this in malmö
had a lovely long chat, coffee, cakes, cookies. and after a long day wishing the sun was just a little bit warmer, or wishing it wouldve stayed out a little bit longer, richard and i came home and i got to take photos this evening of all the arty stuff thats been going on the last day ^_^
getting heidi's background done

my old very scruffy ruined brushes

my beeeautiful new ones...ill try to keep them that way

chibi canvases!

and a very special unstretched canvas from Martin's

it shall be a nude portrait of all things! hehe

trying out the gesso...

close up of the linen edges
There you have it! alot of wonderful art supplies Richard brought home for me yesterday :D
Hes a real sweetie that one.
Now - to put good use to all of them!! Shall update soon with my progress :)

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