Friday, May 27, 2011

daily treats and feats

today i have had a major energy crash - and it took me alot longer to get onto real projects than usual.
As you can see I have updated the blog a bit though! You now have a "Follow Me" on twitter button over here to the left - and below that a link to my Chibi Facebook Page!
Its been a hard battle since Facebook didnt actually send emails to to the 300 some people on my friends anyone that saw it wouldve had to go to my profile page directly.
WHAT  A NIGHTMARE! today I have tried to  recitfy that a bit by being overly forward directly on facebook and letting people on HERE know about it ^^

Today I did paint, without much consideration on my part I am sorry, the background of Olga a bright shiney turquoise:
just waiting for that POW in the middle
And while letting that dry ive been working on The Orr Collections logo which at the moment is giving me a major headache. It is really tiring isolating branches and leaves on a tree...those who have done it. I am sure you agree.

Next bit of news is this! Dharma's friend needed a birthday present for her birthday party tomorrow and I thought hey, why not just print out Matilda and Squeaky and give her that! I spent some time this morning with the tripod taking proper photos of all of the Chibis (you can find the new ones on Deviantart) so I gave it to Richard and off he went on his lunchbreak!

So adorable! Its a shame for the size of paper it was printed on there was no frame to match it up perfectly, but the colors and quality is what I am looking for for selling reproductions like this in the future... What do you think??

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