Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i keep putting too much cream in my coffee

i know i have been a terrible blog slacker.
i really wanted to finish heidi before posting on here (sound familiar?) and haha, no i havent finished yet.
the weekend was a crazy lapse of swedish woods filled with giant black ants that, naturally, bite anything that moves, poison ivy, wild boars (i kid you not!!) and 2 small children.
richard playing mother duck, while i slacked behind with the camera

Yesterday I painted from 9 am till 2 pm and still didnt finish the stupid chibi - though to be fair I take enough smoke breaks, chatting to friends not sleeping in America breaks, and super man sized lunch breaks.
So for today this is my list of duties:
  • Finish the last bits and bobs on Heidi
  • Begin test sketches for The Orr Collection logo
  • Begin the digital painting of a friends pregnancy
  • Remember to clean the house!! Because that one is usually put out of mind :P
I wanted to put proof here that I am going to Tori Amos in October but blogger is being a pain.
But I am!! Let me see if I can find something to cooperate *google...google...*
Thatll do! The photo for her current world tour ^^ For those of you who dont know, Tori and I grew up in the same town in Maryland (where I was born and raised) Her father was a preacher at the church my grandparents took my mom and siblings too and my uncle actually went on a date with her :P
God, I am so jealous.
Shes my favorite artist of all time and the fact that we are going to see her is the best gift Ive ever gotten. It shall be amazing.
...only 5 months to go!

See you later with a finished painting hopefully!


  1. A movie I always loved as a child was Robbie William's 'Toys' and I remember Tori Amos had a track in that movie called 'Happy Workers' but if I remember correctly, she never liked how they mixed the song. I love it though.

  2. *coughs his morning coffee over his workarea*

    ehm baby, we arent going to go see Tori Amos. I'd never go to such a girly show?!
    *scratches head and ponders on how to salvage what remaining reputation he has*

    We are going to see SLAYER, yes that was it!!!..yes yes... ;)

    Love you!

  3. @ sophie oh wow i dont think ive heard this! and i claim to be a fan haha - ill have to look it up ^^

    @mister cat - pffh you werent thrilled about leonard cohen when we saw him last year and now have his tracks on your favorites on spotify!


    i love you too

  4. Tori Amos is from Montgomery county? Never knew! So cool!

  5. @zoe yup! she grew up in rockville ^^ hehe

  6. Rockville, represent!

    Ah, all the Chibis are incredibly adorable.

  7. thanks najva ^^ glad you like them, and thanks so much for liking my facebook page!!