Thursday, May 26, 2011

i dont care what you say. cottage cheese is yummy.

Alright! In walks after a mildly frustrating yet practical sketch session... Olga!
a bit of a pow personality i suppose, which will ofc go into her background.
but I am at a loss! I need readers help! If you are reading this blog please do think now - HOW TO COLOR THIS PICTURE?!
ive already decided on bright blonde hair but get stuck with the rest...
red skirt? purple skirt? purple background? at a loss...completely.
shell have the typical comic book "pow explosion" behind her.. so factor that in as well I suppose.
While having issues over the purple red dilemma I created this AWESOME prototype which was naturally fail in all regards but it made me giggle a bit
woot woot! got me some skills ^^
In the end I am thinking... purple skirt, turquoise background
SOMEONE BACK ME UP! ill be gessoing the canvas after this.. hopefully by this evening we all can come to some sortve agreement :P


  1. Hm...You could do blonde hair, bright blue/ turquoise eyes and a turquoise skirt.

    Then do a background that contrasts with the blue (like a bright purple and white, comic book thing).

  2. or a yellow and white for the bg. =)

  3. I think any shade of blue for the skirt aswell, first thing that came to mind. :)

  4. hey girls!
    you think blue really? that sucks cause i already made the background blue ^^

    .....oops........ -_-