Friday, May 13, 2011

gah blogger - why did you have a meltdown

so blogger has apparently decided to delete my last post and has been down all day
*yawn* cant imagine very many people are happy with that!!

today has been a long rainy day. i got up so so early and had my mind set on practicing chibi digital anime with the possibility of one day soon getting good - and making a line of bookmarks, puzzles, things for kids.
ive been working in photoshop working on stupid frickin line art
which in theory i know how to do!
why it decides to fuck up for an hour and i give up in quiet despair.... i dont know.
but these are the sortve things ive been testing.
note to self. color in SAI next time.
im so lazy. its really obvious. :P
the original i made yesterday - still very lazy

a fun sketch i did this evening, my favorite by far
i obviously didnt spend a whole lot of time coloring these. after the brutal punishment doing line art with a freeform pen tool has imposed upon sorry to say i just couldnt be bothered!!!!!
well see if the pinkie chibi turns out better if i use SAI for the coloring aspect of it......its possible.

lets see if blogger eats up this entry too and files in into the abyss!! :P
i know, wed all be very sad

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