Saturday, April 30, 2011

yay for unnaturally warm springs!

thanks to all the sunny weather weve been getting weve been spending alot of time in the garden
and though i could make an entire BLOG about all the stuff in our garden - i thought id show you just a few photos i got off the phone today!

starting with our best garden decoration.........the cats!!!!!

Mowgli - our 10 month old Maine Coon

Bagheera - our 11 month old Norwegian Forest Cat
Also semi on display is the bamboo in our garden in those photos.
The next few are of true blooms and blossoms happening right now!

The beautiful blood plum tree in the back of the garden

our massive japanese cherry tree is starting to come out now finally!

the Osakazuki japanese maple by the side of the house getting its leaves
I cant wait to see the cherry blossom tree in full bloom and I will DEFINITLY be showing a proper photo of that when it happens. And ofc just how big and fat can Mowgli get before his 1st birthday in July....?


  1. and I might steal part of the picture of the plum tree flowers, Just as a reference to my next tattoo :P

  2. wow! me and my tree are flattered! what did you have in mind for a tattoo?

  3. Flowers on a branch thing. Pink small flowers so that tree is sort of perfect :D

  4. well id be more than happy to take another photo of it for you if youd like a certain angle :)
    sounds like its going to be reallly pretty, i love branch/flower tattoos *envy*