Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Grand Finale

And last but not least are a few last bits and bobs of random collections.

The Squeebs
Ofc you had to see! Squeebers! Our garden night trolling baby - hedgehog. Flea infested and oh so cute. Lets hope next time he tries that milk we left out for him :P
My new soft body acrylics! In a variety of very bright summery colors - which I should really take advantage of now that everythings coming to life outside. I have only experimented a little bit but I do really love the consistency... gosh at this rate I really WILL need an entire room dedicated to all the art supplies I am so lovingly collecting...
and last but by far not least: Liam!! 
Liams in England with his father now and I miss him so so so so so so so so so so much... To my Lee-Bee I cant wait for you to come back to swing on the swing (keep moving those feet!), be my shopping buddy, my painter helper, and my snuggle bug :) I love you!!

And that is that! A mass of photos to make up for my boring last few days ^^


  1. :O Send the hedgehog my way if you don't want him, Is absolutely adorable :D

    Well so is Liam, but I cant have him sent here :P

    Hope everything on your UK trip went well :)

  2. lol im still waiting for him to reappear!
    the hedgehog i mean...

    and yes everything went swimmingly...more or less - now for the waiting game!

    hope youve been well x

  3. Aww, you should bring him inside! The cats will love him :D

    Aw thats good then, not the waiting part that is, the all going well!

    I have indeed thank you, how has your weekend been? I was thinking about something I should tell you the other day, but I very much forgot what it was. It might come back to me! :P x

  4. hmm telling me something...
    could it have to do with your hair being red now??
    i am still waiting for pictures :O

    if not then i am at a loss :P

    my weekend was busy busy - but fun. however getting more and more cold...same for you??

  5. Haha it might have something to do with that! I know, I'll try and get a good picture tomorrow that actually shows it :P

    Yeah, mine was very much the same, apart from the busy part, and yes it is freezing! Was going to have breakfast outside today, but had to run back inside. Will have to bring the summer back I thinks.

    Oh yes! I think I should give you my number so that whenever you come up here and visit the family you can give me a ring so we could finally meet up! :P 076-8588418