Wednesday, April 20, 2011

lets see what kindve student i am..

well i didnt even touch my wacom yesterday or my canvas for that matter.
however!! i got a very nice little present which i think will help me ALOT while i learn this whole digital art world i am crashing into:
Look at that! A whole magazine complete with  a cd that has new brushes for adobe photoshop, and textures i believe - tutorials on painting portraits!! and skin!! and lighting! i was so over the moon.
ive been reading bits and pieces of it, and thinking about how i can incoperate that into my latest projects...
you just know this is something id love to paint :O wow

cheat guide to painting skin! perfect!
I am reallllyy looking forward to getting stuck into this. Hopefully I can learn some good lessons, and really try and put photoshop into better practice. Because lately I havent really been using it for much...
Ive gotten really stuck on SAI, but from what I have seen most to all of their tutorials are for photoshop and painter...

otherwise! liam surprised me with a very impressive drawing of his own last night! i just had to show you because ive never seen him do such a detailed photo :P

he showed me what everything was - i couldnt believe how much thought went into it! well i am a proud mommy. maybe someday well be doing art together hmm?

until then! i have 1000 projects on my plate... ah if only i had a completely free and clear day to do nothing but wacom... wouldnt that lovely :P

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